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  • 365 day Content Creation Bundle
  • 365 day Content Creation Bundle

365 day Content Creation Bundle

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The Social Media Planner Canva Templates are perfect for managing your accounts! Use this ultimate Social Media Content Planner collection to create your content. Use multiple Social Media Calendar sheets to help you plan ahead! Run a full Social Media Audit with all the sheets you need included in this Social Media Bundle for Canva. It comes in a bright design, but you can change everything in these templates from fonts, colors, elements, shapes, layouts, and more to suit your own style! All you need is a free Canva account!


What is included:


• 53 templates to edit in Canva

• Design/Color Palette: Bright

• Size: US letter


Note: The social media planner templates are divided into various planners which can be edited in Canva individually just open the PDF in Canva & start editing. See what’s included below…


The templates include the following:


★ MAIN SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER – 56 PAGES (universal planner for all socials)★

Cover Page, Social Media Overview, Annual Overview, Monthly Overview, Monthly Goals, Monthly Content Planner, Monthly Review, Weekly Planner, Daily Planner, To-Do List, Social Media Post Planner, Goal Planner, Improvement Plan, Expense Tracker, Campaign/Ads Planner, Campaign/Ads Tracker, Password Keeper, Weekly Statistics, Monthly Statistics, Annual Statistics, Follower Growth, Giveaway Tracker, & more!




  • ZIP - 1.5 MB

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